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RL Mentors

Rising Leaders provides participants with an ongoing platform for collaboration and an extensive network of devoted mentors.  Mentors are there to help rising leaders with academic rough patches, share advice on highschool activities, and provide supplementary tutoring if requested. We are committed to each others’ success and are always available to give peer-to-peer guidance to our graduates.  


Pinkey Lam

Pinkey is a rising senior at Bronx Science. She has always loved volunteering and working with kids. In middle school she would spend her lunch periods helping kindergarten teachers and is now the President of the Bronx Science Key Club. Pinkey is the Online Editor for the Science Survey at Bronx Science, writing and editing articles for the paper. She is also currently volunteering in two neuropsychology labs at Mount Sinai that focus on eating disorders and ADHD. While Pinkey loves the humanities, she is still passionate about biology and psychology.

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