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Think, Believe, Act

This two-week session concentrates on the relationship between how we think and how we act. Throughout the session, participants will investigate topics like cognitive biases, empathy, and how the human mind adapts to change. Special emphasis will be placed on addressing how the current pandemic has affected the mentality of both society and the self. Participants will use what they discover to positively impact their communities, and by the end of the session, they will identify a topic they are particularly passionate about and collaborate with our instructors to form a comprehensive presentation on it.

Seminars are held regularly and include an opportunity to practically apply the ideas discussed with interactive activities. 


Guest Speakers share real-world experiences that relate to our discussion areas. Specifically, we will host discussions with NGOs, activists, and researchers working to solve pressing social issues.


Community Engagement is an important component of this program. We will test our theories regarding human psychology with “socially distant” community outreach. 


After the program, participants will have:

  • Strong command over the intersections between human psychology, public policy, and our response to crisis. 

  • The ability to comprehend philosophical reasoning and scientific research and apply both to real-world scenarios.

  • Connections with guest speakers who are experts in the issues discussed throughout the program.

  • Rhetoric and research skills that allow them to craft compelling arguments and present them convincingly.

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