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Elias Silver is a rising freshman at Yale University with a strong interest in history and languages. He is passionate about sharing his love of learning, and was selected as a Yale Young Global Scholar in July, 2018.  He has debated for four years in Public Forum at Bronx Science with his partner Ben Oestericher, and as of February 2020 was ranked 1st in the nation. Select tournament awards include champion of Yale and Glenbrooks Invitationals (2018) and finalist at the Harvard and Princeton Invitationals (2018 and 2019). 


Elias was the Novice Director of the freshman Public Forum team at Bronx Science, coaching sixty 9th grade debaters, and qualifying the most debaters for the state championship in the team’s history. This year he was a co-captain of the Varsity Public Forum.


Elias speaks Russian, studies Chinese, and tutors students for the SHSAT. He also mentors students at a Bronx shelter as part of the "No One Gets Left Behind" program. Next year he will be its curriculum director.  Elias is also a member of the Welcoming School Climate Student Advisory Board at the DOE, where he works with representatives of the other specialized high schools to improve school climate for underrepresented students. 

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